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The Tarot cards are one of the oldest divination methods. Beautiful and unique, they open the pathway to the unconscious, allowing the seeker to focus on their question or general life path. The Tarot can help you see what has been hidden from you and understand that which confused you.

The first appearance of Tarot cards in Europe dates to approximately 1470 in Italy and France. The cards were hand painted decks designed by artists of the time. Today there are hundreds of different Tarot decks available, all unique and with different focus. The psychologist Jung used the Tarot cards as part of his therapy process, understanding that sometimes we need to be shown the way through external forces.

On this site you will find information, courses and a chance to find out more about one of the best mystical sources to connect to your unconscious and the collective stream. Being that we stress the best content for our students we also use tools that enable us to work effectively using modern tools like a learning management system to deliver our online courses. Now if you are interested in learning about Tarot life, sign up for our online courses. 

Reading the Tarot cannot be done by a piece of software. The cards need the energy and focus of both the seeker and the Tarot reader. Fun to play with, but don't take a computerized reading seriously. You need more.  Of course if you are looking for better business software to run your Tarot reading company then you need to take these business software reviews seriously. 

Now let's discuss how Tarot has been used since time immemorial.  Like the common deck of playing cards, the tarot has four suits (which vary by region, being the French suits in Northern Europe, the Latin suits in Southern Europe, and the German suits in Central Europe). Each of these suits has pip cards numbering from one (or Ace) to ten and four face cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Jack/Knave) for a total of 14 cards. In addition, the tarot has a separate 21-card trump suit and a single card known as the Fool. Depending on the game, the Fool may act as the top trump or may be played to avoid following suit.

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A daily Tarot meditation, using a Tarot card as the point of discussion to focus all on the coming day or provide a reflection for your days activities.

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